Customer service has become increasingly demanding over the years, especially as businesses can make use of this avenue to get a number of their customers to better patronize them. However, with customer service having become an omnichannel experience, both for businesses and customers, there is a need to ensure that new innovations are rode upon to better reach out to customers, get their feedback and deliver company message. In trying to keep up with the existing technological advancements, most companies have resulted into hiring a telephone answering service providers to handle their phone calls while also spreading their tentacles into other areas of customer service including email responses, live chats, social media messaging and more.

With several many options to choose from, several companies are considering dropping some customer care platforms while focusing more on others. Obviously, companies are beginning to favor the less stressful and new customer service platforms such as live chats, email messaging, social media engagement and more over the more traditional platform of phone calls.

However, what most of these companies have failed to understand is that new is not always better. Through cutting techniques which has led to cutting out phone calls, most companies have lost out on a number of their target audience

Phone calls are still, and will always remain one of the fundamental and essential aspects of customer service. This is true as up to 70 percent of customers have been revealed to be willing to buy and do more business with companies who they obtain reliable customer care services from.

Wondering why it is advisable to return to the old ways of phone calls as part of your customer service and marketing strategies, below are some reasons that are bound to help you make the right decision for your business.

You want to be where your customers want you

Creating an exceptional customer service involves knowing your audience and taking extra step to connect with them and show them that you care not only about their money but their persons. A great part of showing this to your customer base is by being where they want you. A lot of times, you customers want to be able to get you on phone as 61% percent of customers have been revealed to still prefer the good old ways of phone conversations to talk out issues with their service providers. These percentage of people will most likely not be interested in the latest live chat feature you have installed.

Because phone customer service is more personal 

One of the major reasons why most customers still prefer phone calls is because they get the feeling and sense of speaking to another human at the end of the line, thus providing them with the personal feel and touch needed to make a decision. Phone calls guarantee that they can feel the convincing nature of the customer care rep and have their full attention as against the presumed distracted attention of another person behind a live chat screen.

You can’t afford to miss out

While customer service can be expensive to maintain, you should also consider the cost of not having a proper customer service in place.

Companies across the United States have been reported to have lost as much as $62 billion due to poor customer service. In addition, as much as 91 percent of customers who have had a bad customer experience are more likely not to do business with a company anymore and an increased percentage are bound to discourage friends and family from patronizing such brands.

The cost of not having stellar customer care service is high and grows exponentially by the day, you want to ensure that customers feel appreciated, learn more about how to improve customer service through phone calls at

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