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The PCN Way

At PCN, we know that you trust your customers to us. We take that responsibility very seriously, and that is what drives us to provide world-class customer service. How do we do that? It’s simple really. We hire great operators, provide them with excellent training, and then retain them by treating them well. We know that when you are dealing with front-line customer service like we are, a happy employee is not only good for us, it is good for our clients too.

Our History

We have been providing high-quality, cost-effective telecommunications for doctors, lawyers, plumbers, businesses, government agencies, organizations, and other professionals for over 20 years. Charles White founded Professional Communications Network in the city of Riverside, California back in 1990. We were founded based upon Mr. White’s values of quality customer service, honesty, and hard work. This legacy was passed on to his two sons and current Vice Presidents, Brian and Jeff White. Under the direction of the two brothers, PCN has grown from a basic telephone answering service into the world-class call center that we are today.

Our Vision

At PCN, we value excellence. We do not want to be just another big answering service. We have consciously chosen not to grow too big too fast because we know that the quality of the service we provide is paramount. When we started back in 1990, our founder Charles White had a vision – to build an answering service that provided excellent customer service at a reasonable price. That is still our vision today. We do not strive to be the biggest or the fastest growing answering service, but the best. And we measure that by the quality of the service that we provide and the satisfaction of our customers.

Don't Let Voicemail Happen

80% of people will hang up rather than leave a voicemail. Let us make sure that you don’t miss any calls… or any customers.

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