Let’s be totally honest about something; everyone wants to have the most professional business possible, I mean, that’s an absolute fact of life. Businesses have to compete for every customer and the last thing that you want to do is lose a valuable customer because of poor customer service. It is found that often the quality of the product and the price are not the main factors in a customer’s decision – it is the quality of the service that they receive and the relationship that they have with the business. One of the easiest ways that you can improve your customer service is simply understanding how to answer the phone professionally. Now, that sounds like something that should be basic information, but the fact of the matter is that there are so many businesses that do not understand the true concept of having a professional and courteous tone when they answer the phone. A professional answering service may be “just what the doctor ordered” in terms of improving your customer service.


How to Answer The Phone Professionally – Prevent Bad Customer Experiences


Now, why do I think it is important to learn how to answer the phone professionally? Think of how many times have you called a business and had an unpleasant experience over the phone? It happens all the time and leaves a very bad taste in a customer’s mouth. I can do business with a company for years and years, and the very first time I have a bad experience when I call the company, I am ready to find someone else to do business with…seriously. It’s that important that you ALWAYS have stellar customer service over the phone. It might be necessary for your business to go with a phone answering service that can handle all of your calls, this way you are pretty much guaranteed to get, for the most part, excellent handling of all of your incoming calls. Professional phone services are trained to handle your phone calls for your business, they are trained to know everything from a-z about your company; they are trained to answer questions and concerns, and they can also order products and items based on the customer’s needs. Many times the customer will think they are talking directly to your business, and they will have a great impression based on the nature of the call.


How To Answer The Phone Professionally – Back To The Basics


If you’re trying to improve your customer service, you may want to go back to the basics, and just work on how to answer the phone professionally. As basic as that may sound, it really is the most important part of customer service. Ultimately, it only takes one bad customer interaction to ruin any amount of goodwill that you have built with that customer. No one really remembers the good of a business, and that’s the sad thing, but everyone will remember that one bad experience they had with a business, and it’s that one bad experience that will send those people to the competing businesses. You can eliminate this from happening by using a professional answering service and having the best possible customer service that you can possibly have!