The holidays are a busy time for everyone. Shopping for gifts, office parties, family parties, traditions, it seems like every spare minute is taken up. And it is no different because you are in the medical profession. Sure, many businesses can close, or take it easy for a couple of weeks, that doesn’t work for your office because your patients need you – literally. So what is a medical office to do? You can’t be in two places at once, but you have so many things to do. At PCNAnswers, we want to help with your productivity and your customer service over the holiday season. Here are 5 tips to help you make it through the holiday season with your sanity, while providing excellent service to your patients.

1. Be available 24/7
Sounds impossible, right? Lie we mentioned before – you’ve got parties, traditions and shopping to do (and so does your staff!). How are you supposed to be available all the time? We’ve got a solution for you! Check out our 24 hour medical answering service. Our friendly and professional operators are available around the clock to answer your patients. We will follow a script that you give us and we will either take a message and email or text it to you, or connect the caller with the on-call doctor when appropriate.

2. Make your communications more efficient
Answering the phone takes a lot of time. Especially for a busy practice like yours. And when the receptionists are on another line or talking to a patient, who answers the phone? And when the call needs to be transferred, how much time is wasted? Let us handle the simple patient communication – giving directions, office hours, or answering frequently asked questions (that you provide us). If we can handle the question, we will. If not, we can connect the caller seamlessly with the right person saving your staff time and you money.

3. Don’t worry about your calendar
We are not at all saying that you do not need to keep your calendar, but we are offering to make and change appointments for you. With access to your schedule, we can make new appointments and edit existing appointments to take one more thing off of your plate.

4. Already have a great receptionist?
A lot of the offices that we work with already have an amazing receptionist that they love. We don’t want to replace that receptionist, we want to supplement him or her. No one, no matter how good they are, can answer every call in a busy office. No one can be at work every day. And no one can be available 24 hours a day to answer. It is just not humanly possible. However, if you let your amazing receptionist do what they do and then let us handle the overflow and after-hours calls, you get the best of both worlds.

5. Stay HIPAA compliant
I know what you’re thinking – all of this sounds great, but we have to stay HIPAA compliant so this won’t work for us. We’ve got great news for you. We are HIPAA compliant and even offer HIPAA compliant messaging through MisecureMessaging!

We would love the opportunity to talk to you about your communications needs, whether they be just for the holiday season, or 24/7/365. We are pretty confident that once you have tried our service, you will never want to go back to handling all of your calls on your own ever again! Give us a call at 888.528.5678 and we can chat about your communications needs.