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Should a Professional Communication Network offer bilingual answering services to their clients?

Due to globalization and the ease of transportation, many people from all around Central and South America as well as around the world have gathered in the United States to live and also to visit, and now more than ever there is a need for companies to offer a bilingual phone answering service. Hispanic people are currently the largest of the minority population in the USA and they all have their needs and wants, and you as a company would definitely want to get their business. 

So, why would someone want bilingual phone answering services? The answer is simple and lies in the numbers. For example, in 2015 Hispanics constituted about 17.5% of the total population in the USA, with around 16.2 million Hispanic households and this year the numbers are higher with the percentage being at around 18.1%. Imagine all the business you are losing by not being able to communicate with the Hispanic population, and that huge 18% gap can be easily removed by using a bilingual answering service.

What other benefits can a bilingual answering service give you, besides the most important which is communication? The following is a small list containing the benefits of having a bilingual phone answering service: 

Better and more fluent communication 

The most definite answer is better communication. By having a professional bilingual answering service take your calls, your company can keep a constant and good relationship with your Hispanic customers, which already stated above form part of a good percentage of all United States’ population.

Professional people on the phone

Having a bilingual answering service can assure the phone calls of your company are not being answered by an untrained person, and instead, they are being properly handled by a well-trained professional. Various phone answering service companies offer services that accommodate your company’s needs, be sure to hire one that has good reviews and many years of experience.

Have a better understanding of your Hispanic customer’s needs

Each community has their own unique needs, so by having a professional bilingual phone answering service you can be sure the professional you hired properly understands the needs of the Hispanic community because it can communicate a lot better with them and offer just what they are looking for instead of beating around the bush.

Make no communication mistakes

Language can be a barrier if one person cannot communicate with another, due to this, many problems can arise. For example, these unwanted problems include those caused by a bad response, miscommunication, and even at times resulting in a lawsuit due to that same lack of communication.

Get more loyal customers

Hispanics just like any other community like purchasing or getting their services in a company where they feel well-received and understood, so by having a bilingual answering service your company can become that place when they need your service and in turn become loyal clients. 

In conclusion

Bilingual phone answering services are an excellent way to keep up with society’s most recent changes, as more Hispanic people come to live in the USA you will need better ways to communicate with them to retain their business. When it comes to an excellent and high-quality answering service PCN is the best company to offer that help, you can read more about them at

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Benefits of Over Flow Phone Answering

The Benefits of Over Flow Phone Answering for Your In-House Receptionist

There is a misconception that your receptionist might not take it well should you decide to subscribe to a live receptionist service. There are phone answering companies that are already offering it as a solution and receptionists see it as a threat to their occupation.  This shouldn’t be the case as the technology will help them focus more on human interactions instead of having to pick the calls every time. Here are some of the reasons why subscribing to overflow phone answering could be beneficial to a receptionist.

They can take breaks, sick leave, and vacations

Receptionists are humans too and will get sick and sometimes need a breather from work. The challenge has always been finding a replacement when the receptionist is away for one reason or another. This dilemma can be solved by over the flow phone answering. Phone calls will still be answered which ensures that the business goes on as usual. There are some answering services which are available 24/7 and you don’t have to worry when a customer calls in the middle of the night with a query.

It offers assistance

Sometimes working as a receptionist can be overwhelming. There are walk-in visitors who need assistance and there are calls coming through after every other minute. The receptionist will also need to return some calls which can be overwhelming. An overflow phone answering service can be scheduled to take phone calls during a given schedule so that the receptionist can focus on other tasks.  There is also the psychological autonomy that comes as a result of respecting the boundaries of the receptionist. This will, in turn, lead to more productivity and a high level of job satisfaction.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

The receptionist might not be there to answer all the inbound calls. She might have stepped out for a snack. With an overflow phone answering services, customer satisfaction is guaranteed regardless of the time of day. You can be assured that there will always be someone to answer the calls. A customer values a business that goes above and beyond in answering their queries and concerns. According to a report by ICMI, more than 82% of customers want their issues to be resolved almost instantly. Failure to do so could be mean the failure of a business. A 24/7 service will ensure that all calls are answered no matter what time of day.

Receptionist not always at the desk

It will be impossible for a receptionist to be at the desk the entire shift. You also have to account for the time he or she is not working. What happens to the incoming calls then? There are occasions where the receptionist may be assigned a task that requires they leave their desk. Having an overflow phone answering service will ensure that no calls are missed when the receptionist is away performing the duties. For more information on overflow phone answering services, you can check out

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Phone Answering Service ROI

The Benefits of a Phone Answering Service on Your Marketing ROI

Most businesses spend a big portion of their revenues on marketing. The focus has shifted on digital marketing because it is measurable. You can run pay-per-click campaigns with making a call as a call-to-action. What most businesses don’t anticipate is the volume of calls that will come from the marketing campaigns. You might need an answering service if it is a successful marketing campaign.

You should ensure that there is a robust phone answering system in place before you start any marketing efforts. You’ll be burning money if you start the campaigns without paying attention to the feedback mechanism. You should invest in a phone answering service as the inbound calls could be too much work for one person to handle. You should focus on the strengths of the business while letting someone else handle the queries.

Increase in call volumes

It might not be wise to hire more people just to handle the volumes of incoming calls. The best solution would be to partner with a dedicated inbound phone answering provider. That way, you’re assured that the calls will be answered regardless of the time of day or night. They will have highly trained agents who are experienced in converting warm leads into buying customers. You will not have to worry about training additional stuff in order to handle the incoming calls.

PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns are highly targeted with specific call-to-action. You may set the CTA to calls and Google will give you an estimated number of calls you can expect given your budget. You should be prepared for the incoming calls. They could be over 100 calls of people inquiring about the product or service. You will need someone to be available 24/7 especially if the ads are running throughout the day. A conversion on PPC is measured by the number of calls made. 

Local SEO

Any business that is not doing local SEO is losing a lot. If you have a business is serving a particular geographical area, there are search terms that people will use when looking for products or services. Google displays the information of the location business on search engines. The information will include a physical address, map location, and contact details. There are people who will call directly from search engines. You can expect to receive a lot of calls if you deal with a product or service with high search volumes.

Getting the Support You Need

As a business owner, you know when it is peak season even without the marketing efforts. You will need to be prepared for the influx of calls. Using a professional phone answering service will ensure that you focus on the core aspects of the business which is delivering high-quality products and services. You can get the service on a need basis. It all depends on the structures you’ve put in place and the volumes that you’re anticipating as a result of the marketing efforts. You can contact for more information.

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Pros To Hiring A Call Service

Why You Should Hire An Automated Answering Service

Hiring a call answering service is always a good idea for your company as there are many advantages to it. Hiring PCN to help you handling our call flow is the right move when building a business strategy that will increase your revenue while offering a great service level to all of your customers.

If you have an amount of calls that drains energies from your employees as they have to keep on going with their everyday tasks and now have to handle phone calls with many diverse questions and different durations, this is a task that no longer needs to be handled this way.  Having PCN helping you will relieve the workload and will free your workers so they can focus on their tasks.

Here we offer a few reason on why hiring PCN is ideal for your business:

Always Deliver Customer Satisfaction

When services start losing quality, it is a good moment to start going over the processes and procedures that are being taken care of in house. If you are a growing company or a company that has come to a huge increase in clients, then you may have more phone calls than the employees you have can handle.

If one person tries to handle every call, that person will lack the time and focus to handle every other task. This is the moment when hiring PCN is a must, as we not only focus on handling calls, we take a unnecessary workload from the shoulders of your workers and yourself. This allows you to focus on providing the best quality in service as you always have to have fully satisfied customers.

Focus on your Business

You might have had a few employees dedicated to receiving all the incoming calls and handle them the best way possible, however that will may put you in a situation where it feels like it’s dragging the company down.

Handling your business to provide a high quality service always has to be your main focus which is why handing your calls to the experts is the best move for your business. We at PCN strive to help our clients removing unnecessary stress from them.  By having us handle your calls, not only do you ensure more time to focus on delivering the best service to you clients, but you also are making it certain that your customers will be getting the best service possible.

Why it is a good idea

Having PCN handling your calls is cost efficient and will help you dedicate your time to what matters the most, your clients.

By having us handle your calls you now can expand your business in different way, also we can deliver the most satisfaction to the callers as we make sure that our representatives are trained to provide the highest quality of service while sticking to the policies our representatives are what makes PCN the best option when looking for a call answering service.

Contact A Call Answering Service

So we can help you creating a service package that fits your needs contact us at

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5 Customer Service Training Tips

The success of your small business is often measured by the satisfaction of your customers. That is why so many capable entrepreneurs put a premium on customer service. From big companies like Starbucks and Zappos to neighborhood cafes passionate about satisfying both local patrons and newcomers, excellent customer service is key to staying ahead.

Here are five easily doable ideas on customer service training:

1. Switch their roles from staff to customer.

Ask your staff to identify themselves as a customer. More importantly, ask them to specifically think about a typical customer. By imagining a real-life person and stepping into his/her shoes, your staff will most likely empathize with customers and satisfy each of their individual needs. Don’t forget to ask your staff to identify ways of “going to extra mile” for customers. While this may seem like a simple exercise, it can really go a long way into helping your staff to answer common questions more clearly, and with more compassion.

2. Give them a motivational boost.

It’s no secret that motivated employees serve people best. But how will you get them energized to do something mundane as answering calls? Pep talks are thing of the past. Researchers found that the single most crucial factor that keeps people motivated is having a sense of purpose. Make sure your staff knows that their jobs benefit not only a business but an entire community. Let them know about success stories that you hear about. Give them praise when you get a favorable review about how a customer service situations was handled.

3. Check competitor customer service.

Have them phone a competitor to purchase an item or inquire about a service. This alone will help your staff critique customer service from a constructive, non-biased perspective. They can learn from other people’s mistakes and embrace best practices to improve their own service. This can often take the blinders off of a representative. They can pick up on some of the bad habits that they don’t realize that they have if they experience it from the other side.

4. Provide regular communication skills training.

How trained is your staff when it comes to explaining a service or handling upset customers? Get them involved in basic customer communication trainings. Give them practical scenarios so that they can practice their skills and build their confidence. Don’t forget to give them constructive feedback and encourage them to support one another. Role playing can be a good idea here, but don’t let it get out of hand.

5. Make them explain your product or service.

This can be done in less than half an hour. You can do simple quizzes, product demos and team briefings to help your staff develop product or service knowledge. As customer service representatives, they’re likely to receive a lot of questions pertaining to products and services. As expected of a stellar staff, they should be able to confidently explain them to customers.

Are your employees trained and qualified to give customers the service they deserve? Use these 5 tips and your employees will be better able to serve your customers with excellence.

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