There is a misconception that your receptionist might not take it well should you decide to subscribe to a live receptionist service. There are overflow answering services companies that are already offering it as a solution and receptionists see it as a threat to their occupation. This shouldn’t be the case as the technology will help them focus more on human interactions instead of having to pick the calls every time. Here are some of the reasons why subscribing to overflow phone answering could be beneficial to a receptionist.

They can take breaks, sick leave, and vacations

Receptionists are humans too and will get sick and sometimes need a breather from work. The challenge has always been finding a replacement when the receptionist is away for one reason or another. This dilemma can be solved by overflow phone answering. Phone calls will still be answered which ensures that the business goes on as usual. There are some answering services that are available 24/7 and you don’t have to worry when a customer calls in the middle of the night with a query.

It offers assistance

Sometimes working as a receptionist can be overwhelming. There are walk-in visitors who need assistance and there are calls coming through after every other minute. The receptionist will also need to return some calls which can be overwhelming. An overflow phone answering service can be scheduled to take phone calls during a given schedule so that the receptionist can focus on other tasks.  There is also the psychological autonomy that comes as a result of respecting the boundaries of the receptionist. This will, in turn, lead to more productivity and a high level of job satisfaction.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

The receptionist might not be there to answer all the inbound calls. She might have stepped out for a snack. With an overflow phone answering service, customer satisfaction is guaranteed regardless of the time of day. You can be assured that there will always be someone to answer the calls. A customer values a business that goes above and beyond in answering their queries and concerns. According to a report by ICMI, more than 82% of customers want their issues to be resolved almost instantly. Failure to do so could be mean the failure of a business. A 24/7 service will ensure that all calls are answered no matter what time of day.

Receptionist is not always at their desk

It will be impossible for a receptionist to be at the desk the entire shift. You also have to account for the time he or she is not working. What happens to the incoming calls then? There are occasions where the receptionist may be assigned a task that requires that they leave their desk. Having an overflow phone answering service will ensure that no calls are missed when the receptionist is away performing the duties. For more information on overflow phone answering services, you can check out

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