Answering Service in Chicago, IL

answering service in Chicago, ILPCN’s Chicago answering service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to our clients and their customers. With our more than twenty years’ experience, we are often the missing piece to Chicago small businesses, meeting their communications needs and allowing the business owners to concentrate fully on running and growing their businesses.

We work with businesses and organizations in virtually every industry, so whatever industry you are in, we can help. We specialize in helping legal offices, medical offices and hospitals, property management and real estate companies, the trades, and home hospice companies. If you are in of these industries we know your business and can provide all of the communications services that you need to be successful. If you are in another industry, know that we can meet your needs too!

Many of our Chicago clients want us to offer our virtual receptionist service – answering every call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With this service, our friendly and professional operators answer as if they were your receptionist, taking messages, patching important calls through to your staff – all according to your instructions. Your callers will not even know that they have talked to an answering service. Many of our virtual receptionist clients feel that this makes them seem like a bigger and more successful company and they really appreciate that.

Some other Chicago clients take advantage of our lead capture service. When they are running advertising and expecting heavier than normal call volume, they hire us to handle any calls that they cannot cover. Any call that your staff cannot get to will be answered by one of our friendly and professional operators and missed calls and missed opportunities will be a thing of the past.

Popular Chicago Answering Service Modules

Call Tracking: If you are running advertisements and you want to know which ones are most effective, our call tracking is what you need. It allows you to assign a different phone number for each ad that you run. Then, you can look at reports to see how many calls you are getting from each ad. It is a great way to keep track of which forms of advertising are most effective so that you can better spend your marketing dollars.

 Time Management: Not every call is an important call. However, important calls do require immediate attention. Our friendly and professional operators are trained to determine (through information provided by your agency) which calls are important and need to be patched through to your staff and which are not urgent and a message can be taken. This can help you to save countless hours and ease the burden on your staff.

 24 Hour Answering: Tired of having to have your phone with you and on at all times so you don’t miss any calls? With our 24 hour answering service you can break free from your phone (within reason) and still provide the service that your clients expect. If you are not available, one of our friendly and professional operators will be available to answer, take a message, and patch it through to you if it is important.

 Meeting Scheduling: Scheduling meetings can take a lot of time from your already too busy schedule. Our operators can access your calendar and schedule meetings for you so that you do not have to. Then we will send you a message as soon as the meeting is scheduled so that you always know about your any changes to your schedule.

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Chicago Facts

      • Area of Chicago: 234 square miles
      • Population of Chicago: 2.7 million people
      • Area Codes: 312, 773, 708
      • Number of Small Businesses: 230,624



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Chicago is one of our most important markets, but we love the southern hospitality that comes with serving Atlanta!