Real estate is a tough business to be in. There are great times and there are terrible times, and everything in between. But one truth in the real estate industry is that it is a numbers game and that you have to take every good opportunity that comes your way if you want to be successful. Unfortunately, because real estate does not always lead to a steady income, many realtors have a second job to help to pay their bills or provide for their families. And those that do real estate full time often are so busy that phone calls can be a real nuisance.

The problem with this though is that a missed phone call can mean a missed sale and a loss of a very significant commission. When one sale can mean so much to a realtor, it is important that you don’t miss any opportunities. And if you do not answer a call from a prospect, you have almost surely missed the opportunity to work with that person because almost no one is willing to leave a voice mail anymore. They will simply make another phone call and talk to the first person that answers their call.

So how do you make sure that you are able to answer every call so that you do not miss any opportunities? It is impossible to answer a call if you are showing a house to a current client. Or what if you are in the middle of an open house, can you really stop showing the house to take a call? Of course not! And that doesn’t even get into your social life, family time, or while you are sleeping (yep, you might get calls then too) when you either don’t want to or cannot answer a call.

One simple way that you can take control of your callers so that you never miss a call and you are not burdened with answering your phone 24 hours a day is to hire a real estate answering service (PCNAnswers is the one that we recommend!). With a real estate answering service every call will be answered by a friendly and professional voice, they will connect the call to you if appropriate (following your instructions), and if not, they will take a message and either text or email it to you (depending on what you prefer). Imagine, never having to worry that you are missing an opportunity when you feel your phone buzz at a time that you simply can’t answer it.

Again, it is important that you not rely on voicemail to take the calls that you cannot. A single missed call can mean a missed commission. A real estate answering service like PCNAnswers can take all of your calls and help to turn your prospects into clients.

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