Live Telephone Answering Service in Huntington Beach, CA

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year PCN's friendly and professional operators are available to Huntington Beach answering service clients. We help small businesses with their communications needs - whatever they may be.

Whether you are a small business, a medical office or hospital, a legal office, a governmental agency, a non-profit, or anything else, we can tailor a plan that will meet your unique communications needs.

In our over 20 years as an answering service, we have realized that all Huntington Beachbusinesses are different. So, we don't try to treat all of our clients the same, trying to fit them into a box with a pre-designed package. Our sales staff will get to know about your business or organization and then, tailor a plan that will meet your needs.

We Know That All Huntington Beach Businesses Have Different Communications Needs

Some of our Huntington Beach clients want us to answer their phone whenever it rings and need our 24-hour answering service. Others just need us to answer when they cannot and need an overflow package. Some of our lead capture clients hire us to answer for a specific advertising campaign when they are expecting a high call volume. Whatever your communications needs, we can meet them, provide your customers with excellent customer service and exceed your expectations along the way.

Popular Huntington Beach Services

 24 Hour Answering: Tired of having to have your phone with you and on at all times so you don’t miss any calls? With our 24-hour answering service you can break free from your phone (within reason) and still provide the service that your clients expect. If you are not available, one of our friendly and professional operators will be available to answer, take a message, and patch it through to you if it is important.

 Lead Capture: Advertising costs money, but if you are not available to answer the phone when a prospect calls, you are wasting your advertising budget. Statistics show that the majority of people will not leave a voicemail with a new business – they will call one of your competitors. With our lead capture services, your callers will always reach a friendly and professional voice, no matter what kind of call volume your ad campaign brings and you will never miss a new customer.

 Frequently Asked Questions: We find that the vast majority of your callers will have one of a few common questions unique to your agency. Our operators are trained to answer these common questions (with information provided by your agency) so that we are able to fully serve your callers without having to involve your busy staff. This means more time for your staff and that your agency is able to serve many more people. 

Never Miss Another Call

Our friendly and professional operators are standing by 24/7/365 to answer your calls and to represent your company just like you would.

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Huntington Beach Facts

  • Area: 32 square miles
  • Population: 201000 people
  • Area Codes: 562, 657, 714
  • Other Service Areas:

    PCN also offers its 24 hour live answering service throughout all of Irvine.