Core Values

Our founder, Charles White, started PCN in 1990 with a simple idea… to provide excellent call center services at reasonable prices. And that has been our mission ever since. And while many other companies flounder as they are trying to find their way, we were lucky in that Mr. White instilled in our company 3 core values that have served us very well – honesty, integrity, and hard work. Now Mr. White’s two sons, Brian and Jeff, are tasked with helping the company to continue on the same path.

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You’ve heard that honesty is the best policy, right? We take that very seriously at PCN. We expect honesty from our employees, and we are honest in our dealings with our clients. If we can do something, we will tell you. If we can’t, we will tell you. If we make a mistake, we will own it and talk about how we can make it right. We know that if we are honest, we will be able to build better relationships with our clients.


Honesty and integrity go hand in hand, and like honesty, we value integrity. We deal ethically with our clients and our employees because it is the right thing to do. We know that by allowing us to be the “voice” of your company, you place a lot of trust in us and we do not want to break that trust. It is not that we will not make mistakes (we all do), it is the way that we handle them that sets us apart from other answering services.

Hard Work

Along with honesty and integrity, PCN was founded on good, old-fashioned hard work. There are no short cuts in life, and there are no short cuts at PCN. Our employees will be at their desks working hard for you whether it is 2:00 pm or 2:00 am because that is what we do at PCN. We train our employees to understand how important each and every call is and they get it – the level of service that they provide proves it!