Our Mission

PCN provides high quality, cost effective Call Center and communication services to businesses, physicians, and professionals primarily throughout Southern California.

PCN will distinguish itself by building a team of employees that are committed to providing personalized and professional services.  This will be accomplished by promptly answering live calls, being professional and polite at all times, processing calls correctly and striving to meet and our client’s needs.

What Our Customers Say

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I couldn’t do business without PCN. I run a one man shop and I count on PCN to take my calls and pass on accurate messages which they always do. But better than that is the level of service that they provide to my clients which makes me look great!
The staff at PCN follows our instructions completely. They ask our clients all of the right questions and when they speak to one of our managers on call, they always relay all details. Their rates are extremely competitive, their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the people in charge are extremely detail oriented and responsive. I would recommend PCN as an extension of your company’s communications needs.
I am a director of a home health agency, and have had the pleasure of using PCN Answering Services for the past eight years. I find them to be very professional, kind and accurate in their fielding of calls and speaking with clients. I would definitely recommend their services.
My husband and I own a carpet and tile cleaning company and have used PCN for over 5 years to take all of our incoming calls. The staff at PCN is very good about following our instructions and they are always very courteous to our callers. I highly recommend PCN to any company looking for a great answering service at an affordable price.

Why Our Customers Love Us

If we had to put why our customers love us into one sentence, it would be something like, “Because we are great at what we do.” We have over 20 years experience as an answering service and we like to think that we have learned a thing or two along the way. But our most important lesson is that we need to “know what we do, and do what we know”.

We do not try to be all things to all people. We are an answering service, and a very, very good one at that. We keep up with the latest technologies in order to make sure that we are offering our clients the best service at the best price, but we do not look to add additional services just because we could make a little bit more money.

We are a business, so of course we care about making a profit, but find the best way to do that long term is to make ourselves an invaluable part of our clients’ teams. We love to hear testimonials from clients that say something like, “I don’t know how we ever did business without PCN.” Those are the best possible testimonials in our opinion because it shows that we are providing the kind of service that our founder Charles White envisioned that we would.