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24 hour answering services help busy companies offer excellent customer service

Why Your Business Needs a 24 Hour Answering Service

I’m sure that you have called businesses that had a 24 hour answering service, often without even realizing it. Think about this for a second – if you needed something right then (let’s say you had a plumbing leak) would you prefer to talk to a friendly and professional voice that can get you the help that you need or voicemail message. Having phone support for your business at all hours is one of the main ways that you can greatly improve your customer service, especially if you have clients that need you after hours. Below we talk about some of the benefits of having a 24 hour answering service.

24 hour answering services help busy companies offer excellent customer service

Is your team busy? A 24 hour answering service may be exactly what you need! Credit – Startup Stock Photos

Your Customers Can Call At Any Time

For one, it gives your callers the opportunity to call the business at all hours of the day. Now, for some businesses this is going to be a bigger benefit than others. If your small business offers medical information, you do emergency repairs, or you deal with customers who cannot call during the work day then having a 24 hour call center will greatly increase your customer satisfaction. A professional answering service can give you the ability to accept phone calls 24 hours a day, so you are never unable to take an inbound call from a client.

Staffing Becomes Much Easier

Staffing can be difficult and needs to be managed, and this is another benefit of having a 24 hour professional answering service that is able to always handle your calls. Whether you get seasonal spikes in calls or you have employees calling in sick, there are times when it is difficult to get all of your calls answered. Our operators are trained to be able to handle your calls for your specific business. They can take calls, place orders, order products, answer questions and concerns (all based on the instructions that you give us), and many times the callers will never know that they are not talking directly to one of your employees. This eliminates the need to make sure that you always have enough employees dedicated to answering the phones. This will help with your payroll and will save money, time, and resources, as the time spent managing those employees can be set aside to manage and work on other top priority things going on in your business.

Calls Get Answered Quicker

Having a 24 hour answering service to support your employees is also good because each call to your business is answered quickly and efficiently. Nothing is worse than calling a business and hearing the phone ring forever and ever before finally, someone answers it (or worse – it goes to voicemail). With an answering service to help, your calls can be answered 24 hours a day, at specific times, or anytime that your staff gets busy. Some of our clients have us answer their calls if it rings more than a set number of times. This means that they only use our service when they need it, but a call is never missed because their staff is too busy.

There are many benefits to having a 24 hour professional answering service for your business or medical office. It is important that each phone call is treated as a priority which helps your customers to feel valued. And that is exactly what you get with a 24 hour call center like PCNAnswers.

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